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From Entertainment Weekly:  

"There is no fear like the fear of the unknown, so filmmaker Tara Miele would like us all to get to know each other a little better.


In her new short film Meet a Muslim, Miele challenges anti-Islamic rhetoric by introducing a diverse group of Muslim Americans who share lives and values that would be familiar to just about anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs.


Among those interviewed are a foodie, a pediatrician, a Kelly Clarkson fan, a poet, and a mother who declares, “We are all much more than just one label.”


Another participant says, “I think the best way to unite us is through education and through getting to know one another, because I think it’s a lot harder to hate a group of people or a community of people if you know somebody.”


From Deadline: 

"Just as presumptive Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump renewed his pledge to stop allowing Muslims to enter the U.S. in the wake of last weekend’s Orlando nightclub massacre, a short film called Meet A Muslim has created a viral groundswell and become part of the discussion. It is getting a wide enough audience that it might well change the career of the filmmaker who made it as a gesture of goodwill."



Huffington Post

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